Highly Scented Candles

Coconut and Soy Highly Scented Candles are a combination of coconut wax and soy wax creating a highly scented, slow burning, candle!

What is Coconut Wax and why’s it used in making scented candles?

Coconut wax is made through a cold-pressed process from the meat of the coconut. This type of wax has many benefits. One of the many is it holds a higher fragrance volume than other natural waxes. However, coconut wax is very soft (similar to coconut oil at room temp). In our candle making process we combine both coconut and soy wax– hence our name Coconut and Soy to allow for more fragrance oil than just a soy candle, but to give the candles body or firmness.

If we only used coconut wax, the candles would be too soft and not perform properly. Similarly, if we only used soy wax to make a scented candle the scent would be less fragrant because soy holds less fragrance oil than coconut wax.  In addition to soft coconut wax we use a softer than most, soy wax for the ultimate slow burning, highly scented, natural candle. Coconut and Soy Candles last longer and smell fantastic!