Happy Mail Boxes

Need a humorous scented candle gift idea? But don’t have the time or tons of money to create that perfect, unique gift? The Happy Mail Gift Boxes are an excellent choice! 

Since life can become very hectic it is easy to overlook the thoughtfulness of gift giving. The Happy Mail gift idea solves that problem! Customers will receive a Coconut and Soy – full size (8 ounce) signature scented candle with over 25 fragrances to chose from! The scented candles are highly aromatic, but not overwhelming. The soy candles are made with a coconut wax and soy wax combination. The scented candles are vegan, clean burning, and include a lead and zinc free cotton wick!

The candle lid includes a personalized gift saying! Customers can chose an already made candle lid option or if there isn’t one that fits the occasion, can make a more personalized one by providing a custom message! Please chose the (YOUR TEXT HERE LID) option to create a custom message. Details are in the description. Not only is there a scent for every occasion, but there’s a lid for every occasion too!

Happy Mail Boxes

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